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Pushing vs Forcing & Flow

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Mark Bajerski do not force it

Do not force it

Mark Bajerski from Mark Bajerski’s Youtube Channel: We will talk about “force”.

The difference between pushing vs forcing and how it relates to flow, energy flow.

Get the best man, get the best woman, get the best house.

Think about this story

Think about this as YOUR STORY. I am now offering a story about understanding and making sense WHY it is a good idea to stop before we PUSH, before we FORCE, before we KNEE-JERK and INSIST and WANT and DEMAND – Which many of us have been programmed since children to do.

There was once a lady who was waiting on a bus stop, she was in the outskirts of India and was waiting in line to go to Delhi. The bus inspector, the driver said “I’m sorry, I can’t let you on” She said Why not? He says that’s as much as we allow”. The woman was confused and not very happy with the situation.

She waited until next bus came. She got in, sat down. The bus proceeded with no problems straight to Delhi.

She sees a commotion when she gets off, and she walks towards it. As she was looking at it.

“The seats are empty, Im getting on that bus:”

think about it. When I heard that story it not only sent a shiver down my spine,

We’ve been bullied at school. Because we’ve been deprived, because we haven¡t got what we wanted.

But maybe that’s teh problem, maybe we lost something in our way

Maybe we always took offense when people said you are not having it.

Nobody ever actually explained to us, WHY

These are the things we have to fight. But not in a way that we hate. We have to become stronger, like teh muscle inside your mind. You have to train something inside, how do you do that? I believe this story is a story that helps you grow that muscle and makes you grow stronger. It’s the muscle of wisdom, it¡s the muscle of wisdom that says why, slow down. It’s the intuition, is that gut feeling and that knowing – I’¡m not talking about your brain that shouts and fights and screams, because the brain is a tool. What I¡m talking about is going into a place where you are not used to. A palae deep inside your heart. That is really you. When we react and we are angry is because of our. mind and our past memories. When I read about the story I always remember this world. Your rejections at times are spirits protections. My rejections are spirits protections. Our rejections are spirits’ protections.

My rejections could be spirit protections.

There are many tiems who I could have ended in deep problem, but I followed those very truths. The gut insticnt, teh feeling.I could give you 100 of stories were people said, How coudl you tell..?

I followed that guidance. Most people reject it because they don’t feel is of any value and so they turn into their brain.

Be better! But so when does being better start?

So I turned all of what I learned on these years into wisdom that is an internal compass.

It always points me into the direction of flow.
Sorry, we don’t need you. No problem

Sorry, you can’t come in. No problem

No, you are not in our team or club, we don’t like you. No problem

I don’t like you – No problem see you later. Why are people like that with you Mark? It depends on how you look at it.

Everything that we perceive as a rejection is actually your family in spirit saying: Hey don¡t go down on that path.

We are trying to reveal your true colors before you enter into that conflict.

Everything. that happens I smile and say Thank YOU.

Bitterness, sadness, emptiness, loneliness… and those that try to use me as a punch bag.

They never can¡t hit me because I¡m invisible. You punch straight through me.

Because the spirit world has opened you to your true colors. Then I’m thankful because I don’t want to be in that energy, and I rather know instantly.

Every rejection is a beautiful wink in the eye towards me in the spirit world.

That my dear friends, is powerful my most powerful secret that I hold to happiness and joy.

After learning those valuable lessons that we should’ve learned as children has actually led me into the most magical divine journey in this lifestyle that I could ever wish for.

Pushing vs Forcing difference in flow

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