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Truth about abundance: How to achieve it?

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Mark Bajerski - How to attract abundance

Achieve abundance

The truth about abundance and how to achieve it.

Yes, there is more to life than eating, sleeping, drinking and working. Today’s topic is based on the concept of our belief system, from being a young child growing up.

What is abundance?

11 years ago before I started this journey if you asked me this question I would’ve said it was gold, it was a big house, it was a fancy car, the holiday home, traveling the world, success, power. And now, 11 years on from the moment I woke up and realized there were more to life than what I thought. It was an amazing journey. It was an amazing awakening.

How can I possible not see all the things I see now? And this is one thing that we always have to be careful when we speak to others about our awakening. We cannot force, we cannot tell them what is right and wrong. Who says they’re right, who says I’m right?

From the point when I was 38 years old and before I’d done nothing but chase my tell. Of course I had a heart and I felt, and I did what I could… But I never really understood what life was about. It had no real meaning apart from paying the mortgage, getting up in the morning and going to work until 6, 7 O’Clock at night… And if I was lucky, go in a holiday for two weeks. But even if I was on holiday, after the 12th day, that was the time when I nearly found a little bit of peace. Looking back at it now and seeing from the moment I opened my eyes that life has changed.

DO I see abundance? The true path of life is finding in your heart something that you know you want to do. Meaning that you want to wake up in the morning and just feel happy about life. That is ultimately the first step towards enlightenment and abundance.

Did I ever think about money in the spiritual world?

Never. What I thought about is- Can I actually heal myself from my past pain and suffering and all the things I did wrong? Was I ever to look in my mirror and be a better person? And from those few faults and feelings I had daily, let me on to a path of inner power. To take back my life and not blame or be blamed. I started seeing life in a different way. My eyes started seeing things that I never saw before. I started feeling things I never imagine I could’ve felt in the whole lifetime. And from that moment I started realizing who I was. And I think it was at that point that I realized then and there… that all the time I was pushing away the essence of who I was because I didn’t feel worthy enough at all, all the things that were in me which were the gifts that I hold which weren’t of any value, was the day I realized that they were. And I said enough looking, enough searching, enough running away.

Abundance and synchronicity

Start to listen. SO that’s what I did. SO from there on synchronicity takes over. Should I say the spirits helping hand, your family. Cause they already know you are on this journey. They already knew this years ago, this was already arranged . It all began with the acceptance. The acceptance of my life and what would happen from then on.

So I stopped fearing, I stopped worrying about things, I stopped worrying about people saying things about me, I stopped focusing on negative things and I focused on myself. And I focused on my journey and what felt right to me, and I followed the simple footsteps of my happiness so if something did not feel rightI would turn, send it away with love, not rejection, just turn it away and continue along the journey till I meet the right people who I brought into my life. Thus I started reading people’s futures. For two years I did it, didn’t charge a single penny because it felt right.

Abundance and flow

Later on I decided to close my shop and focus more on what I was doing and now I had to think about the universal exchange: being paid – not for what I did but for my time. And people were overjoyed, they were happy to pay because they always felt bad to receive something so beautiful and couldn’t give me anything. The more I followed my path and my journey then everything came together. After that, then abundance started flowing. And more and more. You then start to realize it was never about money it was never about abundance, it was about doing what felt right. And I found my path and therefore when you find your path you never work another day in your life . And you are always rewarded.

There’s always a reward for being true to yourself and doing something that is good for mankind. So what do I believe abundance is? Is your path to happiness. So if you wake up in the morning and you feel overjoyed, then you found your abundance. And if not, then follow these few simple steps. Have the courage to stand up one day and say: I’m going to find my abundance, I’m doing to find my path and who I am.

The truth about abundance and how to achieve it.

I hoe that one day you wake up with the biggest smile in your face and you don’t know why but knowing that you will do something that day that makes you happy, inside and out.

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