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Color breathing techniques for anxiety

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Color breathing techniques to reduce anxiety, meditation s

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Color breathing meditation

When we are discussing color breathing, I want to get very specific about how this can help you. Let’s learn what do to, step by step, in order to use this as a skillset daily.

Why does color breathing work?

Color was our very first language out of the womb. Many people do not realize that. It was the associations that we made, that were based on color as we separated safety and pleasure from fear and threats based on how it made us feel.

Every color that we think has information encoded within it, and it’s connected with every experience we have in our life. When I say “black” you have a certain idea and emotional association that arises. When I say “teal” it may be a complete opposite idea or association, or it might be the same depending on the individual’s past experiences.

It takes 50 to 70 repetitions to encode information into your subconscious mind body.

These color breathing meditations must be done in an undistracted environment where you can begin slowing your brainwave patterns in order to connect with the deepest parts of you that you are willing to change.

Remember, we all have two sets of beliefs: The conscious ones and the unconscious ones.

If our conscious beliefs were running the ship, there would be no anxiety, only inner peace, optimism, optimum health. The thing is that our core beliefs are the ones running the ship.

These core beliefs are in charge of our perceptions and how we feel from moment to moment.

When things slow down, we have the opportunity to move our conscious beliefs into the subconscious ones.

Understand what we need to do to get the most out of color meditations.

Find a naturistic safe place in your imagination. These could be a place you have visited before or you’d like to visit in the future.

Bring to your attention what color makes you feel so safe that if wrapped yourself around it, there will be no fear.

Once you know, read that color in and move it through your entire body.

There’s no need to count your breaths, that will just be a sign of control and need for certainty.

Enjoy the process and when you feel you get to around the number 50..

You need to do this once per day, and don’t look to see how you are feeling right after, this is a lifestyle change.


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