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Understanding the energy of illness

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Once you are in the energy of illness, what you have to do then is work 100 times harder to clear that illness. Let’s go back to the very beginning of illness.

When you read the old scripts, the kinds and queens, the royalty always knew the secrets to long life and happiness and good energy and good health. Let’s get down to what illness really is. There is two forms of why illness causes a manifestation inside us.

An illness is a form of block or issue, something that is eating away inside us to cause an issue. And from there whatever happens inside us, our body is so clever, it tries to clear and fix it.

1. What we put in our mouth

If I’m eating sugar all day long, something is going to happen. If you are eating chocolate all day long and if you are putting in your mouth let’s say 80% sugar, processed foods filled with sugar… chances are your body is going to be ill.

The reason is because whatever you are putting in your body is a non-food, and your body needs food, like it needs water. If you are putting bad food in your mouth, bad things are going to occur in your body. It’s natural, that’s the process. This is why you often hear me say; Eat fruits and vegetable, why? Because that is our given gift by mother nature, that is what we were born into this world to eat. So if you took away all of the factories that make non-food, what would you eat? You would eat what grows on the ground and what falls from the trees. It’s as simple as that. The manufacturers of companies, the CEOs want to make money, so they make non-foods as cheap as possible to make profit. So you are eating things that aren’t real, they are not really there to help heal your body and strengthen then. When you eat fruits and vegetables, they are made by the Universe, God, angels, whatever you want to call it. That’s one form.

So if you are putting bad stuff in your mouth every day, you are going to get ill. That’s the chances.. not everybody, one of my best friends eats chocolate every day, fish and chips, all the worst food.. he has never been ill in his lie. So it wont affect everybody, but percentage wise I’ve seen many people who eat very badly become very ill. It is obvious, right?

Here is the second thing, which is not as obvious but it’s so relevant.

2. Negative energies around you

Say you are living with a man who doesn’t mean to , but gets angry all the time, and you have to listen to his anger all the time. He is not necessarily directing it to you, but he is frustrated with life and is angry about everything all the time. When you are in the company of your husband or partner and he is like that all the time, when. you are in the company of your partner or husband and he is like that all the time, that is the energy that he is transmitting. It isn’t just words, it is the energy, and it is extremely negative and it has to go somewhere because it’s a wave. When it hits you you will feel that. You’ve been in a room when you see jealousy and anger, you feel it, that’s the wave and that’s the negative low vibration. When you are in a high vibration and you feel happy and strong, that wave doesn’t feel that much. But if you are in the company of that person all the time, eventually it’s going to keep hitting you and hitting you and going to the same place until eventually it manifests into a disease.

My beautiful mom died of stomach cancer, and the reason is because my dad had a job that he hated and he came angry all the time and he was very abusive. And my mom had to absorb that to try and defend the children. By absorbing that negative energy, trying to .. you know, please stop, be nice.. try to make him feel happy she was absorbing it and it went int other stomach, and guess what, she manifested stomach cancer. I’ve seen ti every day fro the past 14 years. I’ve seen people who have healed themselves from illness because they have decided to not let negative waves affect them. Now here is the thing. That wave could be yours.

You could be manifesting your own heavy energy.

Why? 1 Because you worry about everything. You worry about your life. What’s my purpose, what am I doing, where am I going next. The fears of my family, the fears of everybody around. me. You then create that very energy, and that energy my friends will blast you some way your body as well and other people. And thus you create your own illness. You are going to get angry with me, and you are going to say o.. but think about it. I’m not saying you create your own energy of illness, but YOU COULD if you are in a bad place. Other people could create your illness because you pick it up. So I’m not saying to you wether you did or you didn’t, Im just telling you the possibilities on how to live without illness. This may not be 100%, but what I do know is that when my clients lay down, when I lay them down and heal them, clearing out their blocks. Those illnesses disappear, not all the time.. If we are meant to leave to go to the other world, which is our home, we are going to go no matter what happens. There are many times where I could tell you that personally I have healed myself from two very very heavy energies which manifested into illnesses, now I don’t have them. From eating correctly, from changing my life and saying – I am not going to allow people into my life who are going to bless me with that energy. And it was hard, I had to do it. It was moving away from family and from friends . who didn’t mean to – but it was affecting me, I couldn’t change that. I love them all, but I needed to find my health, my happiness. That’s one thing we could do, and the other thing we could do is eat correctly. Look after our body, exercise.. and these things help us become stronger. I think it’s vital for you to find your happiness. I think is vital for me to find my joy in life. Because through your happiness through your joy it means that you’ve cleared away all of those bad energy waves taht area ll around you. Cleares all that negativity that’s within you and teh fears you need to get rid of. Ask yourself, do you want to be ill? Do you want to be ill and leave this world? You got so much more to do. So if that’s the case get up and do something about it. And so I did, and what’s manifested now is the best part of me, it’s the happiest part o f me. I’m not saying I’m not going to be ill. Im saying what Ive done I can feel in isde me a great happiness a great strength. And I blast energy to people around me of LOVE and KINDNESS . when before all I did was to cause people’s suffering because of my suffering. So it’s a win win situation.

I think today it might be the day that you might start a new life.

So write that down, today i start a new life. Whatever I put inside in my mouth will make me healthy. Whoever I surround myself with will make me feel.. not just happier but healthier. Whatever thoughts that are coming to my mind will be filled on joy and happiness, I accept everything because NOW you are about to change. So today make it th ebest day of the rest of your life.

Be you, be the best you.

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