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2 Hours of Stoic affirmations

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Be honest to yourself

Positive stoic quotes

Remember today to always be honest to yourself, tell yourself the truth and don¡t lie. You know what you should and shouldn’t be doing. You know what is best for you. We have all been guilty of lying to ourselves to make us feel comfortable. We might say we tried when we didn’t . We might say we are better off playing games than going for a walk. We might say they wronged us when they didn’t. be honest with yourself , face your flaws in order to grow.

Stoic phrases

Remember today that it does no good to speak badly of people, it only reflects your character to the people who listen, you paint yourself as a gossiper and they will see that talk ill of others. Loko for and talk about the good in people, those that listen will grow confident that you have good intentions and will believe that you see and talk good about them. It is possible that you will start to see good in everything, including yourself.

Remain stoic

Remember today that if you put your time and energy or even love into something and you realize it’s not for you, or you have made a mistake, you can stop. It can be disappointing but you have to realize that your efforts were to realize that you belong to a different path. Don’t hold on to a boiling pot because of the time it too you to boil.ç

Stoic mindset

Remember today not to sabotage your future for momentary comfort and pleasure. If you burned down your home to keep warm, tomorrow you will be without your home and you will still be cold. Your future self is just you but living with the circumstances of your present actions. Make the right decisions so your future self is in a. better position than you are now.

Stoic motivation

Remember today this quote by Xan Oku “May the flowers remind us why the rain was so necessary” Don’t be afraid of challenge; Don’t be afraid of change. These can both Give way to growth and development. Be afraid of comfort and stagnation. It is stagnation that the would grows and what is living will slowly decay. What was once good is now lost. Embrace change and challenge, accept growth.

Remain unshakeable

Remind yourself today that you don’t have to wait for other people’s approval. Their opinions do not change your truth. You are smart enough; you are strong enough and you are brave enough . It does not matter if they tell you that you can’t, you know your truth and their approval does nothing. Give you your own approval and belief.

Remember today that you don’t have to turn a situation into something more than it is. You can choose to let it pass and it will disappear as a momentary annoyance or you can react to it, giving it more power and growth in your mind and life. You can choose to let them get to you.

Stop holding expectations, they can only lead to either it happening or to be let down. In the case of being let down you receive unnecessary sadness, emptiness or resentment. If you remove expectations then you won’t have those feelings. Whatever happens will still happen but your emotional investments have been shattered.

Remember today not to get caught up in or put your emotions in other people’s gossip. Don’t be stressed out or worried because of the gossip going on in their life. Don’t lower yourself by talking ill of people. It only adds negativity to your life and creates problems that were not there.

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