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Expect good things for yourself (Abraham Hicks)

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Joe Dispenza talking about synchronicity and law of attratction, How does it work?

Abraham Hicks Inspiration

Wisdom for success

This year I was not at all in my my successful place financially…Everything I dreamed came my way.

When you don’t assign a condition or a process to be he carrier..

But wait, if I can manifest all of this

Here is a good rule of thumb

Appreciate when it’s time to appreciate.

Let’s say that are 5 things you want, 3 of them you have and 2 of them yo udon’t have.

Just appreciate the 3 you have.

If you pretend to appreciate the 2 but you are not appreciating..

There is no coincidence her suitcase was the one that got nbanged out too much that the wheel came off.

Everything that has to do with Esther has a sort of lighted vibration on it, and the vibratioon that Ester has assigned to it, it’s getting that treatment from the Universe.

Everything that touches any of you dowes.

So let’s say Ester was appreciateing her suitcase.

Let’s say she stood there and just appreciated this lovely thing that carries the stuff she wants form place to place.

If she had just spent a little bit of time appreciating, she could have .. and her suitcase would not had been mishandled.

but that suitcase represented a sore knee. And she stood in that sort of determination: Oh no, you are not gonna do that to mee again. And so this thing this is craszy talk? This is Law of Attraction talk.

So the suitcase became more burden than it ever been, because only one wheel left it becomes a sled that ahs .. What?

What’s the difference between a suitcase to Mr

The engineering of those wheels is rweally really defined.

What’s the difference of carrying a suitcase with two perfectly functioning wheel and one with one wheel?

More resistance.

Everything is about these laws. Everything is about them.

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