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30 Minutes of pure Sadhguru Wisdom

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Sadh Guru pure wisdom

The nature of this life is such, you have only that which you abandon. For example, “this looks black”, not because it is black.. simply because it is refusing to reflect light. This looks red, not because it is red. It holds all the other dimensions of the color reflecting only red. This is the nature of existence here.

What you try to be, you will not be that.
If you throw money around, people think you are rich. If you hold it, people think that maybe you don’t have anything..
So what comes out of you is what is yours, in a way.

So when you say mind, or being mindful.. I believe people are trying to think themeselves into this moment.. Be in the moment.. Why are you trying to be in the moment?
Be somewhere else and show me.

You are already here, so why are you trying to be here?

It took millions of years through evolution to bring you to this level

Memory and imagination

The two basic qualities which sets as apart from every other creature is we have a very vivid sense of memory. Everything that happens we remember. This is why our experiences become our knowledge. And we have a fantastic sense of imagination. We can imagine something which is not there and work towards creating it. These are the only two things people are suffering.

The only two things. What happened 10 years ago that can still suffer? That does not mean they are suffering life, they are suffering their memory. They are not suffering life, they are suffering their imagination.

Evolution’s gone wasted. This is a much bigger possibility.

Any possibility, if you don’t realize what it is and grasp it… all possibilities look like problems.

So you don’t have to be mindful, you should be mind less.

What you are calling my life right now, it is just a certain combination of time and energy.

As you sit here, time is running away for all of us. Can you roll it back?

Unfortunately, today in the world, over 80% of the people whne their last moment comes to when their die – They are not fearful, they are not in pain, they are not in something else. They are just bewildered. A look of bewildereness comes. Because all of their lief they lived in thought and emotion, they never lived their life. There is a psychological reality in your head and there is an existential reality which is life. Most people are mistaken their psychological reality to be existencial . Your though and emotion has become more significant than the cosmos. What you think, what nonsense you think and feel has become more important than the universe? This means you are making your creation moer significant than the larger creation. This means you might suffer.. If you don’t suffer I’ll be disappointed. If ignornce doesn’t make you suffer ,, then why do you use me? Because it takes a lot to come out of the trap.

When people can live wonderfully in their ignorance, what is the use of knowledge, what is theuse of knowing, what is the use of enlightment, what is the use of realization..If people can live absolutely blissfully in their ignorance, what is the opint? When you are ignorant you must suffer. The greatest evil right now in th eplanet is not eveil, it’s ignorance.

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