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4 Methods to Access the Akashic Records

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Accessing Akashic Records wisdom

Accessing the Akashic Records

Can everybody really access the Akashic records by themselves?


Here are four methods you can use and try to see which one works better for you. There is not only just one way to access these records, there are multiple ways.

Everybody should have access to this wisdom to improve and change their life. This access to higher consciousness and universe of information is so valuable.

you don’t need to be spiritual, you don’t need to follow a specific diet… you just need to be you.

One other thing that is important is that you need to assume that this is going to work for you.

If you assume and think that it works for everybody else and not for you, then you are going to make this a reality and your doubts are going to stop and hinder the energies.

Why are you on the subject of the Akashic records?

A sacred prayer

You can use a specific prayer to open and close the Akashic records. You do need to actually follow a specific path. First of all you read it out loud, and even after your 50th time to go into the records.

Prayer to open your Akashic Records

You read it out loud once and then you read it silently for yourself two more times.

and at the and you say the records are now open, and then you go into your records with a question. There’s so much information that you cannot get all at once. You need tp be realy really specific with the question you have. Think about the question before you go into the records and then once you open the records with the prayer, let’s assume you say this prayer once out loud, two times in silcence.. the records are now open and you start asking your questions. Some people, they feel that they are teachers and masters and they direct the questions to the teachers and masters. Some people get the information directly or they find that spirit guides out there give them the information. Whichever you feel comfortable with. There is no one way, you are the highest authority. You will co-create this experience, whatever you do and so go in with your question with the intention to get pure information to get untainted information that is valuable and precious. At the beginning it is helpful to write it down, whatever you receive. You can ask your question and whichever way you receive it , wether it is a wordk, a feeling, a sentence or just a knowing – Write it down, and then afterwards you can look at it again, it is very helpful.

And at teh end, once you finished with the question or other questions you omight have had, you close the records with a separate part of the prayer. So that is one method you can use.

Guided Meditation

If you want to spend more time tuning in to the frequency of Akashi Records is by a guidded meditation..

This works if you enjoy spending time calming yourself during the breath work and then slowly moving into the Akashic Records.


The third method you can use is that you can visualize.

You can imagine you walk through

You can also imagine that you are in an office building and there are desks with differernt computers. Or there’s a big screen like a cinema and you sit there, and direct with your thoughts what you would like to have on your screen. There are people who work well with visuals, so you can actually go into the records and visualiza all on the screen. You will find your own way with this, it is just important that you trust yourself.I want to ask you to not judge what you experience, just to experience it. Don┬ít judge, don’t criticize, don’t analize.. just receive and observe. This will really help you then afterwards, also trust the information. Because as with intuition, your mind will obviously always have objections about this that and the other that it cannot logically make sense of it right now or that it cannot logically prove right now but later on your mind can see that if you have trusted the information you know, you were right, your internal guidance was right.. or your gugher guidance was right. So method number four is the quickest or easiest or simplest..


Simply by intending to go into the records.

By putting out this intendt into the Universe, the Universe is responding to that energy

And to be honest, with all of the other methods out there it is always your intent that opens the records. With anything you use your intention is to go into the records, and this is actually what wll take you there. The Akashic records are interactive, so don’t just sit there, once you open the records..

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