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When you are a child, you probably didn’t quite get what was going on, and in fact.. you may have put a tremendous amount of effort into making that perfect mother’s day.. whatever it was. Birdhouse, card, doedly.. whatever you made as a kid, because this was the year you were hoping mom might complement it.. or notice it, or not say one of your siblings got it better than you did..

The fact is, although dads are very involved in child barring for many people, mom is the go-to.

Mom was that first object you are supposed to connect to.

If you had a mom where it felt very conditional, where it was all about her, where it constantly fell that you were trying to winf her over.. Mother’s day became one of those days where you doubled-down and tries to win her over.

Mother’s day. can be a big triggered point for people who are in narcissistic relationships.

On days where there’s a lot of attention, they tend to sort of behave their worst. The most challenging peace is that a holiday never goes right for them. I t’s never enough. And so you may find yourself trying to make it over the top. Because you are still that little kid, that little 3 year old that brought that picture up to her….

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