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Everyone is your mirror (Zoey Arielle)

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Zoey Arielle - People are mirrors

Everyone is your mirror

Zoey Arielle introduces you to a concept that will forever change your mind: Everyone is your mirror.

Maybe you heard of it, maybe you haven’t. The concept is that everyone in your existence is trying to reflect back to you something that you can work on or a lesson that will come up to the surface. Anytime I feel triggered by something, somebody says something or if someone does an action and it affects my ego.

Example: I text a friend and if they don’t text back, I create a story about it

They are reflecting something that I need to work on inside.

Everyone is being a teacher to me

So if something is being reflected back to you and it doesn’t feel good, that is a key sign for you to look within, ask yourself that question: What is it trying to teach me? There are different ways.. As simple as meditating, journaling, or bringing this forth to a coach/therapist who you speak to on a weekly basis.

When it comes this times that “triggers” come up to you.

When you recognize that you are creating a story, look within.

In the past whenever I’ve been triggered by jealousy. What does this person have that I don’t, that I’m seeking for. Because I wouldn’t be triggered if I didn’t feel that there was a lack of abundance. I ask myself, what is the feeling that I0m assuming that they have, or that this is giving me that I don’t have.

This could be seen other people HAPPY in ABUNDANT relationships. And maybe I’m feeling like: Oh, I don’t feel that in my own life. That could be affection or adoration that is missing. And then I ask myself: How can I give myself affection today. How can I give myself adoration today? Then I fill up my own cup.

There are many different areas of our life when an ego is telling a story. Everyone starts becoming a teacher to you, so every single time something is bother you, you take it as a lesson. As we know, our thoughts create our reality, and the universe is always encouraging us to up level and to reach for bigger and better and to step into our worthiness.

I feel happy for them because I feel happy enough inside.

The mirrors can show up on anything in a relationship.

Maybe your colleague gets a raise, you feel a sense of jealousy.

Maybe the concept that you are looking for is recognition.

I recommend you go out there and see..

The self-improvement journey isn’t always the funnest, but the most you seek thru..

It’s complete freedom and liberation

rRather than just get these things brushed off or supressed. The more you search to look within yourself you create a wholeness. You become the magnet. The more that you work know yourself you truly become the magnet.

Romantic relationships have been my biggest mirror.

We’ve all heard, seen or been into a relationship where we dissolve into it.

This time around, or moving forward in my life, I do not allow that to happen.

Any feeling that I may not be receiving — I fill my cup. I fill my cup. So this is a great place to look.

Romantic partners are our biggest mirror. So if you are not in a relationship yet, pay attention to what the universe is reflecting back to you. And if the universe is reflecting great things back to you, nothing but abundance and joy… take the time to feel gratitude about that.

I feel like I’m no longer a jealous person, I no longer experience the motion os jealousy, because in the past when I’ve been “triggered”, I’ve been asking myself: Why does this person have that I’m seeking for?

I wish you guys all abundance.

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