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How to get what you want (Owen Cook)

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Owen Cook Get what you want

Owen Cook from the Hollywood Hills to Miami.

The Miami World Summit will be running March 10th to 13th. Join Owen Cook for special seminars during that time.

What it takes to get the actual result that you want.

To get more money. To get more fit and healthy. To improve your dating an social life. Your happiness, inner growth, spiritual growth.

How does it get to that point to have eresults?

It’s really like 4 or 5 main things you can focus on that will completely change your life, the rest is just a waste of time.

Owen Cook: How to get RESULTS

Social Skills

Doing whatever it takes to improve your SOCIAL SKILLS
That means going out consistently and put hours into socializing.

It would be totally normal for me


Learning digital marketing is a necessary skill to possess nowa days.

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