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How to land the plane (Get results)

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Land the plane mentality

Owen Cook

How to land the plane and get the ACTUAL result when it comes to building your social skills, making money, being happy, having more energy, more focused, living your dreams. Whatever it is you want to push into.

I’m going to talk what it actually means to land the plane. What do I mean by land the plane?

The majority of people are kinda dabblers.. they kinda dabble a little bit, they are taking interest, maybe watch podcasts….and there are people who are actually getting the results. And there’s this conversation about “Does it really work” or. not? Some people get results and other don’ts, why? The truth is that teachers don’t have the courage to just lay it out. You don’t know what the heck you are doing.

And they’re telling you what todo but you’re not listening and the reason they don’t want to say

Self help is total trash unless you get the result. 95% Fail

The main thing you have to understand is that you have to have what I call the “land plane mentality”

Once you see the actual result that you want, you don’t quit until you get that actual result. And you just keep working on it and tweaking things, taking advice, getting mentors, taking actions.

Basically just saying it is do or die I’m getting that result.

What is the single most important thing in order to land the plane and have that do or die mentality. I will say it is: Total outter focus.


It is completely clearing your schedule and clearing the clutter and managing distractions. You can’t get reid of distractions in most cases, but yo ucan manage them.

Managing every single distraction and being able to do what you would call “deep work”.

Let me give an example, when I was studying online marketing I woulud see these different people who have done online marketing campaigns, and some of them are multi-millionares.

We’ve all seen the stereotypes of people, flying private plane etc and they’re flossing “you could be like me” I have a ROLEX watch, you can be a millionaire and o on and so forth.

You know the stereotypes. When you look at those stereotypes you gotta ask yourself: Is that they’re real gear?

but clearly there are some people who have learned how to do online marketing cappaigns.

I know that because I was a student of John Carlton, a student of Dan Kennedy, a student of a great mentos of mine named Eban Pagan, who used to go under a pseunonym of David D’Angelo. These are the people I was studying.

Coyld I get a multi million dollar paycheck by studing these guys¿

Mystery was a guy who would teach me social skills.

I would meet up with Mystery, we would go to bars and clubs and I would see hime clear up. Watching mystery go around a bar or club and having the entre club just thinking he is the coolest person there.

I’m not in shape now, but I read the book The Primal Blueprint

Be like water my friend. Imagine this thin needle that will go through anything. Water that will go through anything. That’s teh intention.

Every microword and microbreath is total presence and focus of what you are doing.

You gotta enjoy the drive.

Having high standards for finishing things, not a dabbler.

As you are engaging with the present you gotta clear your schedule in order to focus on things.

Public Speaking it is a journey of being a lifelong student. The journey is never done, teh journey it’s its own reward.

I do public events across the country, and people ask me why do I do it.

99% of what I’n doing is me getting content.

From being out on the road I come back tired.

Being one of the best public speakers of all time is the reward.

I’ve done things that are a little crazy. Four day free events.

And I just start going.. It’s very sstructured and laid out, but then I try to go off script and experimenting, speaking very very afast. Than I do these others where I¡m very chilled, and seeing How relaxed can I get?

Sometimes im obnoxious and wonder how long I can do that for?

You’ll even see me saying random jokes or playing a characater-

I’ve done seminars where I picked one single word and ripepd on that word for 4 to 5 hours straight.

I got seminaras when I made everyone cry.

Let me try very psychodelic off the wall content, or very structured content.

So I’m always trying diffeent things.

What is the denominator? It is the clearing of my schedule.

It is so hard to compete with somebody who has made it his mission.

You can’t compete with that very very easily.

I’m to the point of if I got poor sleep I gain energy when going on stage.

These are things that you learn from repetition.

I’m doing free events in Philadelphia, New York City, San Francisco , Chicago, Seattle, Dallas, Houston, Austin, Boston, Washington DC, Florida, Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa, Miami.

Click link below and it will change your life.

Me being on stage that much is going to give you that kind of mastery, and the main thing is: I gotta clear my schedule.

I deal with a lot of wealthy people. They say to me: Ok, I want to learn this skill.

The reality is that hiring a top coach is one component.

If you really want to make progress, clear a night to come out to our free event.
If you do that you are saying to yourself, well I cleared some time.

How to get into the land the plane mentality

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