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Owen Cook at SUMMIT Miami

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Owen Cook Miami SUMMIT High Status Communication

Become your best version

Owen Cook dropping wisdom at the SUMMIT, Miami. Learn how to live your best authentic life without victimization.

Question about being stuck in the head when interacting with others.

What’s the best way to communicate in a way where you are being your most authentic self?

Or what’s the best way to interact when you are being steidfold?

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How would you say, if you went from being a butterknife to a bulldozer.. being more empathetic vs killer attitude. How do you really bring on the positive aspects going more for what it is that you wanted in life.

It’s funny because I coach different people, and everybody is a little bit different on the spectrum, where they stand. The funny thing is that whatever the teacher is lacking, they will usually emphasize in their teaching as the way.

If you ever meet a teacher who is just really very insensitive and totally in their own reality, and pisses a lot of people of- Often if they are developing, they’ll tell you that the key to everything is empathy and sincerity.

Or say somebody is really like wowed and crazy, their main method would be: You should be chilled out.

I know this because I have friends who are teachers and friends who I have groomed as teachers.

What’s funny is that is their path of growth,

Or have some teacher that I kinda helped to build up and he’ll be like this crazy person and have very low empathy, be extremely selfish and extremely crazy, but in their content it would be like.. I believe in being a gentleman and total empathetic.. and in my mind is – that’s not what I’m seeing. But that is their path of growth, so they are trying to bring themselves back into balance. In my case because I grew up too sensitive, too empathetic, too afraid of offending people, too afraid of bugging anybody, too afraid of even saying high to somebody.. My material becomes like Get out there! Approach everybody! You take action, you are going to get yours… And then I’m also been very shot to my head over the years . You got a read Eckhart Tolle, get out of your head.

So my content, and any teachers’ content, in my experience will reflect areas that their lack. They say make your mess your message, so you can always assume that whenever a teacher is teaching.. probably they sucked at and they realize that that was the thing for them. Everybody is different and that’s why you want many different teachers. It is also why I brought up many different teachers to our organization over the years.

What disappoints me, however, in saying that.. It is that sometimes what I would see is that people will go to the teacher that they feel is the most at them.. When I think you should go to both the one that is the most and the least like you to stretch your perspective.

You want to have a range of different tests. Maybe like a friend who is a surfer and makes little money and surfs all day and literally have a friend who just focus on making money all day, for example.

Every type of person, men women, different ages.. people older than you, people younger than you.

You want to get it to where you are not getting too much dopamine all the time. If you are reading a book you don’t want to be like.. That is such a great book and agrees with everything that I thought! So why do you want to read it? I rather read a book about something that scares me, something I disagree with. Some of the people I really look up to say stuff I really really disagree, I like them for different reasons. Somebody who I might no agree with every position would be Malcom X , but Im a huge fan.

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