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Sadhguru: Why your patterns of thinking are making you sick

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You are making yourself sick

It is possible you could have caused physical damage to your system, an ailment… because of your patterns of thinking. Very much possible. Because you are a psycho soma. Whatever happens in the mind invariably happens in the body. But once the damage is manifested in the body, physically.. trying to think it away, could be just wishful thinking. I’m not saying it is not at all possible, but I told you you have only one life, you don’t take such a risk.

Yes you want to assist it with your thought process also, but don’t just try to sit down and “think it away”, you might think yourself away.

Ailment or no ailment, you have no business to make a mess out of your mind. You have no business to torture this being. Wether you get an ailment or not is the next thing, but you simply have no business to torture this being, because this is in a way a helpless being.

See, if I run after you with a hot iron now, you will try to escape. you will call for help. You can do all those things. but suppose you take a hot iron and start putting it into this one (mind), where will it run to?

Even if you are a child you can still have some defense. Even a 5, 6 year old kid has some defense, but the brain and the mind… no defense.

Whatever it is that you do to it it has to go through it, no escape. This is like torturing a fetus trapped inside and you are just poking it.

The cruelest form of torture, the cruelest thing you can do is self torture. Because a total helpless being.

Everybody has some sort of defense. The weakest one can stab you during sleep, they can do something. Even a child can do something to you, but… “this one”, the mind is totally helpless. So you have no business to torture this one. Wether you got an ailment or not.

If you got an ailment already, if you have taken it this far that you caused damage to the system.. It is better that it is assisted in all ways possible. Yes definitely you must stop your nonsense, but if the system needs medicine, surgery, whatever is needed… it has to be done. Trying to just think it away, because you brought it thorough your mind do not think that you cant take it away through your mind… Possible, I¡m not saying it is 100% no, it is possible.. but you don’t try such things because you may think yourself away.

Once it crosses a certain point then nobody can help you, isn’t it?

Don¡t your Doctors give up at some point don’t they? The only people who don’t give up no you is insurance.

Everybody gives up on you at some point, the only people who do not give up on you is insurance, because…, you know.

So keeping your mind life-friendly is definitely your business.

your mind should be friendly to this life, should work for this life. After all, your mind is your employee.

Why have you made it your enemy?

If you do not know how to handle the people who work for you they will turn into enemies, do not have any doubt about this.If you don’t handle your own children properly, they will turn into your enemies. Do you have any doubt?

If you don’t handle him right he will turn into your enemy, that’s how life is.

Why is it your mind such a powerful, beautiful , miraculous thing has turned into your enemy. This is something to look at, wether you have an ailment or you are on your way.

You shouldn’t let anytime pass because thinking diseases in and thinking diseases out is not fun, it will cost life. Once you have an ailment it becomes a full time engagement. It will take away everything, you will be sitting at an hospital cube, it is not fun. Until you get there you don’t realize how bad it is.

I want you everybody, however healthy you are, once a month take a tour of a major hospital in your town.. you must, really. you must go and see- Not for some perverse pleasure, but you must see what can happen to human beings. Small things wrong, that’s all. They were not committing any great crime.. they were just creating every day some little acid in their stomach, and see where it’s gotten them.

If you handled everything right, you still, you know , the damn tick may get into you and cause problems, who knows? You handled everything right, does it matter’? You got into an airplane, you are thinking they are all people but the swine flu got into you. Somebody is a swine there , you don’t know.

If you do everything right, still there are a million problems, isn’t it so? The nature of life is such even if you drink milk you could get poisoned.. but if you are talking about drinking poison and living well… all the best. That’s all I can say. Isn’t it so? If you eat good food, it can turn into poison in your stomach, it’s possible. If you eat the best things it can turn into poison.

Sadhguru: Why your patterns of thinking are making you sick

You are churning out poison and hoping to live well? Oh you need lot of luck. We have to arrange the whole tapestry of stars into a straight line for you. All the stars in line for you, otherwise life will not work for you, it will get you. So please keep your mind in line, it should work for you it should do beautiful things for you, not ugly things. Why is your mind doing ugly things? So now.. “I can’t stand her, I can’t stand her” If you develop resentment.. resentment, anger, hatred.. these are all poisons you drink and expect someone else to die. I hate her.. i want her dead… Only you die, not her. You drink poison and you expect somebody else to die, it doesn’t work like that. You need to get this straightened out.

If you r mind is working against you, first and foremost thing that you should do is .. take a break from every damn thing that you are doing, it doesn’t matter what you’re doing. your work, your family, your nonsense.. take a break from everything, go to an appropriate place. Go to India, go somewhere else wherever works for you.

Do something about this one. Fix this one before you enter the world. Sit down in one place and see what you can do in this one. Once you live in this world, either you must do something good to yourself or you must do something good to ten people around you. Either you must be keeping yourself throughly joyful and living , you don’t care about anybody. It doesn’t matter, at least you are happy., they are ok. Or, if you are doing something nice for somebody around you, you are OK.

Anybody who is not doing any good to himself or to anybody around him has really no right to call himself human.


That much intelligence and awareness nature has put into you. Maybe you can’t do some great act in the world, it doesn’t matter. At least walk gently upon this planet, that much you can do. Maybe you can’t go out and serve the whole world, it doesn’t matter. At least walk joyfully. If you walk joyfully on this planet, suddenly you see the whole world looks beautifully. Once you see the whole world looks beautiful, naturally you will shed a loving glance upon everything. This is natural process, is it so? If you walk through this very joyfully, whatever you look at looks beautiful. Once everything looks beautiful to you you naturally shed a loving glance upon everything that you see.

çYou are a blessed being, that’s all it takes. And if you are not so, isn’t it time that you take some time off and work upon yourself?

No, no , I’m doing something important” -. You are not doing anything important, because in everything that you do, who you are will find expression. Not your stupid intensions.If you have poison in your head with good intentions you will inject poison into the world. More damage is happening to this world with. good intentions than with bad intentions. In 1934, Adolf Hitler have a speech in Hamburg, and he said. “I’m doing the duty of my forefathers” and people asked hime, why is he rounding them people and sending them to the gas.

And I want you to understand, I believe that he was not lying he believes..

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