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The Art of Communicating (Audiobook)

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The Art of Communication (Audiobook)

Listen to the full audiobook of The Art of Communicating, read by Dan Woren.

The Art of Communicating audiobook brought to you Important of the world on Youtube.

Words can travel thousands of miles. May my words be beautiful as gems, as lovely as flowers.

Our communicatino at meetings can also be a cause of stress s and conflict at work.

It would help to schedule a few minutes at the beginning of any minute to sit quietly together.

If people don’t want to start the meeting by sitting quietly for a few moments..

Set the tone for the meeting with opening ..

In any meeting, practice being open and listen to the experience inside of others.

You shouldn’t be so eager to bring in your ideas that you draw off the ideas of others.

When we see other people who are in good communication with themselves and others, it inspires us.

In these cases, the energy of a community of mindfulness can help us reach suffering.

If we open our hearts..

Mindful listening and speaking..

Building trust and sharing suffering.

We may be a little bit wary or very suspicious.

We should be able to find ways to help a person who doesn¡t have the capacity to receive love and understandng.

But the person doesn’t believe love and understanding so can¡t receive it.
A hungry ghost is someone who has an empty stomach and can’t absorb anything .

A person who suffers like hat has no capacity to receive understanding, love..

From time to time we see ghosts like that walking around.

We have to be very patient and allow them time and space. Don’t be very eager to help. Remain loving, compassionate. Look deeply to see if you can find a mantra to say..

With patience and time ..

Community building takes time.

Community strengthens compassion.

Scientists have studies the behavior of certain animals..

There was a kind of fish called a stickleback. They swim in bands, thousands of them. When they sense the shadow of a predator a few of them will ll

Ants also behave like that, as do bees and some kind of ..

The behavior of some members of the community nourishes your generosity and altruism.

But if they are dispursed the generosity dies down very quickly.

When you are exposed to such behaviors, the altruism is watered.

Living in the world we have strong habits. We walk as if we have to run. We speak but don’t know what we re saying.

The community helps train you and you train yourself.

When we practice in the community there are more people to support us.

If your community doesn’t practice this is not an authentic community.

Our world can be a mindful compassionate community.

We need to find better ways to communicate.

We have to transform our governments into mindful compassionate places.

In the process of community building we get the transformation and healing we need.

When we speak , allow the inside of a collective humanity to speak through you.

When you breath allow the larger world to breath for you.
When you are angry allow your anger to be released.

Be your community and let your community be you.

Be like the river when it arrives in the ocean.

Be like the birds and bees that fly together.

Transform your way of seeing and how you effectively communicate.

Our communication is our continuation.

Every human and every animal communicates.

Our body language, our facial expressions, our physical actions are ways of communicating.

Our communication is not neutral.

Every time we communicate we produce more compassion love or harmony or more violines and suffering.

Our communication is our karma.

The sanscript word Karma

Throughout our day we produce energies of thoughts, speed, action.
Thinking, speech and bodily acts are our own manifestation.

You are what you do, not only with your body but your words and mind.

Thinking is already action. It is there as powerful energy.

It can make. you do or say things that are destructive or it can create a lot of love.

Every thought will bring a flute. Sometimes right away, sometimes later on.

A thought of hatred or anger can lead from a person to hate another.

So thinking is already acting.

To produce a thought is to act.

When you produce a thought that is full of understanding..

If you produce a thought full of anger it will poison you.

Speaking also causes great effect.

We don¡t speak with compassion just so that the person we are speaking too will feel better.

After you’ve been able to say something kind, forgiving and compassionate you feel much better.

Even before you mail the letter or send the email or text you will feel better. The person reading your words will also feel yoru compassion.

Thin of a child hearing her parents fighting.

Speech, the second form of action can heal or liberate or can cause destruction and pain.

We communicate with our body language.

Every communication bares our signature. We are responsible for our own communication. Of yesterday I said something that wasn’t right I have to use today to transform it.

The value of our lives depends on the quality of our thinking, our speech and actions.

When we think, when we speak, when we act we create.

The effect of our thinking and actions will ripple across the universe.

When you produce a thought it is you who created that thought and you are responsible for it.

Your speech and your physical actions also bare your signature. We are the cloud that produces the rain.

Everything we produce in terms of thought, speech or action continues even after our body disintegrates.

Our thought, speech and actions are our real continuation.

Imagine a bank account where we deposit every word.

Changing the past.

Supposed in the past you said something unkind to your grandmother. Now she is no longer alive and you can¡t apologize. But it’s possible to …

The past is there disguised in a present moment.

What you can do is to sit down, breath deeply.

The art of communicating

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