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Why is everyone talking about the Metaverse?

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Early stages of the metaverse, NFTs

Besides Facebook, there are many other tech giants who want to jump on the Metaverse.

Disney just announced they are jumping fully into the Metaverse.

Microsoft just purchased a huge gaming company, Activision Blizzard for 70 billion dollars.

Apple is interested, Tim Cook has talked about it.

Even financial companies are getting involved in the Metaverse. For example, Fidelity. ITF.

Even the new stock exchanges, NFT marketplace.

But why do all these companies are getting involved?

Business to Metaverse?

Becaise they know it’s still early.

Just the gaming sector along generates -__ in revenue in 20221 and it’s predicted that the whole entire Metaverse market size will grow up to..

Only 2 years from now.

There’s a lot of money that is floating into the space, that’s why every single tech company and even financial firms are jumping in.

What can you do?

You can have music, you can have music festivals.

In fact, 80 musicians played within a music festival there.

If you can¡t have a physical concert, why not do it in the metaverse?

Besiddes music efstivals, whwat else cna you do?

Virtual fashion week. Imagining showing off metaverse fashion items?

If you think this is silly, think again.

Gucci is getting involved, Louis Vouiton – Nike and ADIDAS, some already making exclusive drops inside the metaverse. As you can see all these brands are jumping in because they are trying to figure it out

They realize it’s like a second chance, a second world.

Samsung just paired off with the central land for the very won reason.

You can probably look at all the latest Samsung gear.

The possibilities are endless.

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