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How to become depressed instantly?

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Mark Bajerski explains the connection between depression and illness, and How you can become depressed instantly.

The five most easiest ways to become ill.

How do we become ill physically and emotionally?

One of the most powerful ways to become ill is by toxic conversation. Toxic visualizing fear. Toxic food, toxic water.

Today is a good day to talk about how to get ill very fast.

When you visualize the future in a negative pattern… “everything is going to go wrong” It is not going to wrong. My life is a mess, everything is going wrong, everything will never become right.

Those kinds of thoughts and feelings, conversation we have with others and ourselves they feed our body system, mind body and spirit. You are basically attacking yourself. You are eating away at the living energy the body the life force the sheen the prana. You are eating away the physically, the beautiful body that you have.

So the moment you start having a negative thought about “what if” or what could happen, if it’s in the negative manner you start to produce the fear of what you. think could happen,. You see the result which is you falling down you feeling ill.

That visualization turns into a physical entity and you can manifest into a ball, and that ball it can be toxic.

And that ball will go into your body, or eyes or stomach or back or shoulder or knees or feet and it starts to manifest and that manifestation starts instantly. So what happens then, is that you need a constant fear. Meaning that you are fearing everything around you.

I need the masks, if I don┬ít wear teh masks I get into t rouble with the police, if you watch things that you don’t feel doen…

How to become ill and depressed instantly

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