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Dan Pena predicts a new Economy collapse

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Dan Pena predicts economy collapse, new recession post war

It’s coming and no one is prepared

It’s just a matter of time, a correction is going to be made says Dan Pena, who has lived through 7 recessions, and profited from all of them.

I’m telling you, there is a Black Swan of incoming.. I don’t know if we are going to war with Putin, I don’t know if another Corona is going to come out that is not curable. I don’t know whether the Federal Reserve is going to finally implode. I don’t know what it is but it’s coming. Every massive boom needs to find an excuse to crash. Even though we had a recession that only lasted 70 days, 80 days.. last year. The market is way overvalued. And the big smart money, 95% of it is taken off the table and they are working with the money that they earned.

Back in 2017 I said sell half keep half, and no one listened.

Dan Pena – Things are getting serious

“You need to know what they’ree planning”

In the 7 recessions that I’ve been througj, coincidentally in the 7 decades that I’ve been successful there has been a correction.

I thought for a moment when the ruskies, supposedly , shot at the Britain ship.. I thought it was it.. but it didn’t happen so I dodgd that one.. but something like that is going to happen and almost everyone in this room is going to get widped out.. except me.

The Trillion Dollar Man

And Last time this was this high it was at the crash of 2,000 financial crisis. My background is aI used to be a DOW theorist. I was one of the first individuals in the Chicago optio exchange. There is not one facet of the financial asset servidces I have not been a part of it. I0v’ve got a lot of experience and when I tel you the F End is coming, I know what I’m talking about– and you are not prepared. Not just you, nobody is prepared. Margin debt at an all time high.. you borrow to buy stocks. Most people don’t realize that don’t own bit F you can leverage 95%.. and that’s why the swings are so great in the price of Bitcoin, because when you borrow 95 cents in the dollar and it drops ten dollars, you gotta come up with more mone. More sheckles, more pounds, more euros.. Total Margin Debt – Dot Com bubble of 200, Great Recession.. NOW $850. – It’s gotta correct. There are kids that are making money saying we will never have recessions any more and we are gonna borrow until we all drop dead.. not true. The big MF is coming –

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